Friday, April 2, 2010

Global Flat Online Battle Rules

Check out that the time limit has changed! And the voting system of course!

Feel free to give some suggestions and report for mistakes!

Some basic rules:

1)I announce the first battle between 2 riders. From the moment there is a 4 day limit for those two riders to film and send the video links via PM to me! This rule is just for fairness, it's nothing if you post it in the battle thread. When both riders have sent me links- I post them in the first and the last post of their group!

2)The video can be edited or unedited, but must be maximum 50 seconds long. When the first battle series in each group are over(8 battles), then the next round adds +20 seconds. So the length in series are:

- First 8 battles= 50 sec

- Quarterfinals= 1 min 10sec

- Semifinals= 1 min 30 sec

- Finals= 1min 50 sec

This is the maximum of video length- you don't have to fill it up compulsory.

3)The run can consist of combos or just tricks, but if edited, they should be with ride ins and outs.

4)For each battle your run must be different.

5)It is forbidden to use old, filmed videos before the competition.

New rules about the video length

1)A subjective point, but I can "allow" the rider to finish his combo and do the ride out if it goes just <10 seconds more.

2)So then there is a question, which combo can be longer?

- The combo which starts not later than 20 seconds before the end of the run.

3) It is hard to tell, if the run is too long, because, it can really contain small tricks in the beggining and the long one combo is pressed in the end, to gain extra time. That will be not allowed too.

For example: If you got two combos: 26 and 32 seconds long. If you put them together in that order, then you get 58 sec and the combo did start 20 sec before the end(as mentioned before), but the main rule wich corrects it all: If your run is over time limit, it is allowed only then, IF THE LONGEST COMBO IS IN THE BEGINNING!

I'll check every video and I'll be critical about the use of extra time!

4)If the video contains title(something meaningful), the video can be longer as the title lenght

5) If the rider can pull a combo for all his given time in run, my judgement on the time allowed will be subjective and slightly positive on allowing using the extra time.

So what is the solution?

- First off, if some rules are disobeyed, I'll ask to correctly repost the video(if only the 4 day period is still active). If not, the rider can be disqualified.

- There is another solution. If you don't want to repost the video, you can still proceed with the battle, but if you surpass the time limit unpermitted, then the judges will take this seriously considering voting.

6)After both rider videos are posted or the 4day period is over- the judges watch the videos and vote. They send their votes and explanations to me via PM.

7)As votes from judges are collected, the winner of the battle is announced.

8 ) The winner countinues to fight in the finals(if they are). The looser fails. (There could be some additional battles later)

9)The next battle starts after the previous battle ends.

10)One battle will happen in each class simultaneously

11)Some changes into limits or structure can occur.

12) The winners will recieve prizes

13) If you are busy, please let me know I can arrange your battles. The list of those who are busy is in the signing up thread!

Sponsors: flatlandfuel, diversionTV, BMX Freestyler, Global-Flat

I'll try to get some more sponsors. If you know someone who would like to sponsor this competition, contact me!

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