Sunday, April 4, 2010


Welcome to the Global-Flat Online Battles Round 3

     This blog is dedicated to Round 3 of the Global-Flat Online Battles. It was created to enhance the online battle experience. When I first started to watch the online battles I was having problems finding the current battles and looking for the previous battles and the results. The whole concept of this blog is to achieve those goals.

Navigational Links
  • Welcome- Welcome to Global-Flat online battles Round 3
  • Join Battles- Directions on how to sign up.
  • Hall of Fame - View class winners and their winning video from previous rounds.
  • Current Battles - You will find the current battles for each class. When that class battle is over it will be moved over to the coinciding class link.
  • Master Class - You will find master class brakets, archived videos and results.
  • Expert Class-  You will find expert class brackets, archived video and results.
  • Intermediate Class-  You will find intermediate class brackets,archived video and results.
  • Beginner Class - You will find beginner class brakets,archived video and results.
  • Stats - This is where to find the excel sheet with all stats for round 3.
  • Rules- This will give you the guide line for all the rules in order to participate in the battles.
  • Staff- This is a list of all the people that are helping make Round 3 the best round so far.
  • FAQ- This is a list of frequently asked questions. 

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